About Carolyne
Favorite Destinations :: Wales to breathe ( I’m Welsh) London it’s home , New York, it’s my second home , New Orleans for its magic, music and architecture , France for its countryside and style, Berlin for the street art and creativity, Miami the sun, Soho Beach House, the music n parties! South Africa for its wildlife ( minus snakes n spiders ) n stunning natural beauty, Marrakesh for the spice n barter.. Could go on and on … I love our world, it’s ace.



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Carolyne is a natural creative who began life as a young actress and writer. She holds a pen as well as she engages with an audience and has written plenty of stories with a few kids books under her belt and half of a fictional film (about the 12 signs of the zodiac brought to life as humans with pow-wow powers, and co-created with her best friend Bob who lives in a caravan by the sea with his guitars).

Her first major book, ‘The Signs; Decode the Stars, Reframe your Life’, is due out in November 2017.


“The Coach to get you where you want to go” – Harper’s Bazaar
“The go to woman for actors, singers and other creative types.” – Vogue
“The go to life coach for those in the know” – Instyle magazine

Carolyne blends her own unique method of coaching with valuable professional experience gained within the creative industries, a highly attuned intuition and the stars as a backdrop. Her skills are used to support artists, singers and other creative folk all over the world and the results speak for themselves.  She’s not afraid to tell you what’s what and is known for her no-nonsense, yet compassionate and kind approach to help you to reach your goals. Carolyne is an extremely resourceful woman and hooks-up people and matchmakers for fruitful introductions.

- Harper"s Bazaar

"...the coach to get you where you want to go"

- Vogue

"A new constellation of astrology guru"

- Soho House and Co

"A pioneering new self improvement method based on the stars" "...brilliant"